Become An O'ts Ambassador

  O’ts Cookies is an early stage oatmeal cookie startup and we need your help to eat O’ts cookies, share O’ts cookies and spread the word about … O’ts cookies, of course. (FYI O’ts is pronounced “oats”).


First, here’s some background on O’ts:

O’ts is a line of thin and crispy oatmeal cookies that take you on a global adventure with every flavorful bite.  

  • Each variety of O’ts features at least one unique and special ingredient -
    • Sweet & Salty made with Sicilian Sea Salt 
    • Dirty Chai made with our unique Indian-inspired Chai Spice blend and a shot of Espresso
    • Spicy Dark Chocolate made with Aleppo Pepper and dark chocolate chips 
  • They’re made with ingredients that you’d find in your own kitchen cabinets - no surprises and no funny stuff you can’t pronounce! 
  • O’ts is 100% women owned and operated, and our cookies are Kosher certified.

We’re on a mission to bridge cultural gaps through food.  O’ts is meant to be a celebration of cross-cultural appreciation and understanding.  Because sometimes things that seem really different actually go really well together. 

Here’s what we are asking you to do:

STEP 1: Send us your address and we will ship you 6 tubs of O’ts - 2 of each flavor. Email us with this subject line: I want to be an O’ts Ambassador! 

STEP 2: To participate you must fill out and sign the photo release form.  NOTE: If your photos and videos include other people please also have them sign it.  They can opt to sign up to be an Ambassador as well or not. 

STEP 3: 

  1. SNAP AND VIDEO: Take pictures and videos of yourself (and hopefully some friends) with package(s) of O’ts featuring some highlights where you live or where you are visiting or with people enjoying the cookies. Ideas are in parks, at events, in front of scenery, monuments, famous buildings, at a dinner or picnic with friends, etc. 

         Do at least one of the following:

         1) One Instagram post or reel OR

         2) Three Instagram stories OR

         3) Three Tik Toks.  More than this is most welcome of course.

Please try to include all the flavors AND include the DISCOUNT CODE: SHARE (20% off ) in your posts.

    1. Tag us @otscookies
    2. Use these hashtags in your posts - #otscookies  #cookiesofìnstagram  #womanownedbusiness  #oatmeal #cookies  #foodie #travel
    1. To complete this task and to get more cookies as a thank you, follow us on Facebook & Instagram -  and we will follow you back
    2. Please send your photos and videos to so we can use them in future content. You must do this also to get more cookies :) 

STEP 4: If any of your friends or family would like to participate please have them email us


As a thank you we will send you another FREE box of 6 cartons of cookies, you pick which flavors. 

Thank you!!
Nina Lombardo &  Anna Kotler